New Ear Piercing

We never got Ashlyn’s ears pieced when she was young because she didn’t have a strong enough interest in it. And I’m one of those people that is allergic to almost all jewelry. So if she was too, she needed to be old enough to take care of them herself better.

This past year she’s been asking about it more and more. So figuring we are done with swimming season, and hoping to not start hat season for awhile (so they didn’t get snagged on the hats), (although the cold seems to have come early), we made an unplanned stop in to Claire’s. Pretty sure that was not proper sentence structure for all you English teachers out there. By having it last minute because we just happen to be in the same town as a Claire’s, she didn’t have a whole lot of time to be nervous about if it hurts or not, haha.

Getting them lined up was a little tricky. Like most of us, your ears and earlobes are not identical. But the lady was great with making sure they were perfect.
Earrings (1)

Both these ladies were super nice. They told her they would do it on the count of 5. But they really went on 3. Haha, exactly how I do band-aids !!
Earrings (2)

Ta-Da !!!!  I think she chose the perfect size !  She loves them. And so far there is no redness or any signs of having problems with them. But that comes in time with choosing different metals. So from a true metal allergy person, we’ll be logging what we buy and try for her so we know the exact pair and metal that may cause problems. I’m hoping there are NO problems though.
Earrings (3)

When did you get your ears pierced?

Do you have problems with different metals?

Tell me 3 things you are doing today. We are headed to get pumpkins !!


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