Nephew’s Birthday

Went to my nephews birthday party. Great weather. Cookout, outside style party…my favorite. We can’t have those with A’s winter birthday timing. 

A and J struck up a little basketball. Which A has not really played before. Probably why she thinks they should each have a ball to be fair.
J Bday (1)

J Bday (2)

Nicely done for not ever shooting it up that high before.
J Bday (3)

OH yeah, she’s all smug about that one.
J Bday (4)

Globetrotter in the making for sure !
J Bday (5)

Why is it the birthday boy is the one on the bottom of the pile being tickled beyond belief and apparently being dragged. Being drug. Whatever !
J Bday (6)

They recently got the cutest little 11 week old Rottie. She’s so sweet.
J Bday (7)

The puppy just put her head down, otherwise they had just been cheek to cheek. I missed it.
J Bday (8)

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