Nancy B’s Science Lab – Review

This science lab was a winner for Ashlyn’s birthday. She absolutely loves it. And when combined with another present, H2O Water Coloring Tablet, it makes it THE BEST gift ever!  Some links may contain an affiliate link where I may make a very small profit at no additional cost to you.

She uses it in the kitchen but mostly in the bathtub. Which extends bath time by about an hour. We haven’t even begun to use the book that came with it, the water color changing tablets are still just too fun. Because then you come up with your own experiments from there. Mixing colors, to see what you get. And the tablets foam, which is very science lab like.

science kit (1)

This is an excellent quality science lab. The test tubes, cylinder, beaker and stir stick are made from a firm plastic. They are ‘not’ glass. The test tubes come with rubber caps to tip upside down for mixing.

science kit (2)

This is easily adaptable for the younger scientists, as well as the older kids. I’d say it covers a good age range of 5 or so on up. The glasses are a little big, but they aren’t going to fit every kid perfectly.

science kit (3)

The biggest and only complaint we have is, the dropper is kind of short. It won’t reach to the bottom of the beaker or test tubes if they are under half full. Well the beaker make with her smaller hands. But not the tubes, it won’t reach down far enough. I happen to have a pipette which is longer and that works great. She still uses the dropper that came with it though.

science kit (4)

science kit (5)

science kit (6)

science kit (7)

So far, we have not had any issue with the tablets staining anything. They aren’t supposed. So far so good. It’s nice, it comes with tiny tablets and big tablets. Big ones work great in the cylinder and beaker. Little ones are excellent in the test tubes.

science kit (8)

I highly recommend this set as well as the water tablets. It’s got so much learning value to it. 

Anyone else have good science ideas for kids?  Anyone experiment with the water color changing tablets?

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