NAK Fitness Speed Jump Rope – Review

A jump rope wasn’t something I thought I needed. I had one. But the more pissed off I got at it, the more a few friends recommended a speed jump rope. I don’t do CrossFit, I don’t do fancy double under’s. Just simply jump rope. Some links may contain an affiliate link where I may make a very small profit at no additional cost to you.

When the opportunity arose to review one, I thought I should jump on it. HAHA get it, jump on it, jump rope. Never mind, keep reading…

Hands down, this is the best jump rope ever invented. Period.

speed jump rope (1)
Color – Even though I’m not picky about the color and it doesn’t affect any part of the review, this purple is very cool and was very excited to have the option of something other than black.

Rope – I do not do CrossFit but I do jump rope for at home exercising. I’ve been through 5 or 6 sucky ropes. A friend suggested a speed jump rope. I was amazed at the different style of jumping rope I was getting with this one. I use both now, but this is such a different style, with lower faster jumps. Maybe it’s because I’m so new to it, but it’s almost addicting. No more tangles, no more straightening out the rope before jumping. It’s now my new favorite rope.

speed jump rope (2) 
Sizing – The little bearings make it spin at the handles flawlessly. I found sizing it to be pretty easy. Some use your exact height measurements to figure out your rope length, some do the armpit or shoulder trick. I got it close then jumped for awhile and made tweaks until it was perfect. The screws to tighten and loosen to adjust are extremely easy to adjust at any time. If you need to trim the extra rope at the ends, just take off the rubber tip, trim, put the tip back on. 

Storing or Traveling – One of my favorite things about this rope is how small it coils up too. It comes with a little bag to carry it in. You can throw it in your purse or bag and know that it won’t get tangled up. And the second you take it out, it unfolds with no kinks, curls or twisting. Just fall right out. 


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