Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park – Wisconsin Dells

Back in January for Ashlyn’s birthday, we did something a little different for her birthday. Since she was away from her old friends, and didn’t know very many new friends yet, we took what we’d normally spend on a friend party and went to a water park instead.  We went to Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park in Wisconsin Dells. There are many to choose from and they all look fun. We chose to avoid the the parks that had the ‘big’ kid stuff like the surfing and strong wave pools. This one was small, simple and had a good mix.

water park

It was lot’s of fun, not very many people if you went during the week. The weekends are still pretty busy even during the off season.

Her birthday supper that she chose for home was mac & cheese, bacon and cottage cheese.  Several of the picture’s in the video are pretty crappy. It went from bright lights, to dark areas and extremely humid and I just had my little pocket camera. Great quality is not there, but documenting the fun was.

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