Mothers Day – Swimming – Lightening

Ashlyn made me a few treats for Mothers Day last week. I didn’t get a picture of the first two. She started off the morning (before even having 1 cup of coffee) making me a piece of toast with melted chocolate on it. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t what I’m used to first thing in the morning. Then…then she made a pizza tortilla thing. She toasted a tortilla in a pan, added sauce, cheese and pepperoni. Again, all before that first cup of coffee. A I tried real hard to take a few bites, I asked what’s the green stuff? She said there was no green stuff. Hmm, as I investigate, it appears it’s a piece of grass. I guess if you drop an ingredient, there’s no need to wipe it off. Ugh.  But we ended (much later in the day) with these purple cupcakes !!  And they were quite good. We didn’t have frosting on hand, so she had to make some. She did quite good on these.
Mothers Day – Swimming – Lightening

We got the pool opened up and it’s sparkling clean !!  Looks great ! But it is quite cold. Although we had an 80-some plus degree day last weekend, the water was still cold. May 16 and she’s in the water ! Brrrr.  I sat on the ladder and barely got the water past my ankle before complaining. I did not get in, just sat on the ladder with my feet in. The girl needs a wet suit. She only lasted about 15 minutes before admitting it was too cold.
First Swim of Season

Lastnight while letting the dogs out before going to bed, there was the coolest lightening show north of us. I love when it storms on someone else and we get the neat views.
Lightening copy

I didn’t get any picture’s of today, it was too busy. But Ashlyn had her Reading Carnival at school today and I always volunteer to help. In the past I’ve done snow cones, the pie in the face sign up, a bounce house and the cupcake station. This year I got face painting. I was really nervous until I found out the other volunteers were newby’s too. It turned out to be really good and fun !!! The kids were happy with them, no one left my station crying so I guess I did ok. haha

Hope you are enjoying whatever you are doing today.


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