Mother’s Day – Photo Recap

I started out with a 4 mile walk. No run or jog, just a leisurely power walk with my tunes on.

mothers day (2)

Then the boys got a turn.

mothers day (1)

Someone slept in. For the first time in 8 years. Can you read the clock? That’s 8:47 a.m.!!! Yes, I checked to make sure she was breathing. Twice.  Talk about Happy Mother’s Day.

mothers day (3)

Let the baking begin.

mothers day (4)

Need some chocolate chip cookie dough.

mothers day (5)

Need some brownie dough.

mothers day (6)

Smoosh em nicely together.

mothers day (7)

Cookies and brownies make brookies !!

mothers day (8)

We delivered a few cookies via bike messenger, then headed out for a 5 mile bike ride.

mothers day (9)

Taking a break to toss rocks in the canal.

mothers day (10)

Had a small lunch with my Subway date.

mothers day (11)

Preparing for mani’s.

mothers day (12)

And pedi’s.

mothers day (13)

Topped it off with movie night.

mothers day (14)

Ironic how someone is so lovey dovey every time that popcorn bowl comes out.

mothers day (15)

And finally….facials.

mothers day (16)

mothers day (17)

Was going to end it putting Ashlyn to bed and soaking in the tub with a glass of wine. But I was too tired, I went to bed too. 

Hope all you Mama’s out there had a great day. 


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