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Hello Friends !

Since my recent Bike Ride-Dog Chase post, we have went on a few more rides. We found a new canal to throw rocks in. It was a super duper nice day and was perfect for a ride. We brought water and had no rain !!  Yay !

Bike Ride in Country (2)

Since that last post, I also had quite a few helpful suggestions for the dog chasing problem. There were three main suggestions that I’d like to share. I guess on all these suggestions, how I choose to handle it will probably be determined by if I’m with my kid or by myself, if I’m on foot or bike and if they seem like a chaser or aggressive.

One that was highly talked about was simply just yelling at the dog in a firm voice, NO, STOP or GO HOME. Apparently some will listen to this. But if it’s not a dog that will listen to it, then I’ve wasted precious time. Not all dogs are mean and going to be vicious. Many, many dogs are just chasers and barkers and just sound big and bad. So this is worth trying for sure.

Another suggestion was to carry treats and I have a little pouch anyway. An article mentioned this is great for the chasers. When they are close enough that they see you are throwing treats, and you throw a handful right at them, the point is they’ll stop chasing you to go find and eat all those little treats. In the mean time, you are way past them.

Another suggestion was pepper spray. This is small to carry on bike or foot. Most have a 10 foot spray range, 10 to 25 bursts depending on each one, can effect them for enough time to get away safely and the best part is there are no lasting or damaging effects.  The double and added benefit to pepper spray is that it will also work on a human attacker. Which is a reality and shouldn’t be ignored either.

One more was a whistle or horn. Some are called a dog whistle or dog horn. Also called hiking whistle and/or rape whistle. I have not checked these out yet, but was told they are a good option.

Thank you to everyone who offered helpful tips and suggestions. It’s very much appreciated. I’ll definitely be putting these into effect asap.

Bike Ride in Country (1)

At our little canal stop, there was a beautiful, serene, cascading waterfall. Actually it was the nastiest of all water falling into an even nastier canal. BUT if you didn’t look at it and you just listened, it really was nice and peaceful.

Bike Ride in Country (3)

Have a great day everyone. Be safe out there on your walks, jogs and bike rides. Enjoy the nice weather if you have any where you live.


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