MooSoo Hard Floor Stick Vacuum – Review

I’ve been having fun with the MooSoo Hardwood Floor Stick Vacuum. It’s for hard floors only. And is it oh so good !

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Let’s jump right in. You can use it short with no wand. Medium length with 1 piece of the wand. Or both pieces for full length. This one does have a cord to it, but it’s long at 23 feet.
MooSoo Hardwood Floor Stick Vacuum – Review

  • Strong Suction 17Kpa 500W
  • Picks up big pieces
  • Not suitable for carpet
  • Captures 99.99% of dust, pollen and allergens with 2 pc Hepa filtration
  • Lightweight
  • 23′ power cord
  • On floor or handheld – floor, brush/crevice. Car, couch, along wall edge, underneath
  • Adjustable wand 19-31″
  • Dust cup, no bags
  • Easy assembly

Here is everything that will come with it.
MooSoo Stick Vacuum (1)

This combo tool is pretty convenient. The brush and crevice are all in one !! I love when companies make things smarter.
MooSoo Stick Vacuum (2)

Just push a button, slide it down and wallah !!
MooSoo Stick Vacuum (3)

No bags to buy or change. Just push that white clip and dump and you’re ready to go again.
MooSoo Stick Vacuum (5)

With the tool and no wand, it’s the perfect size for cleaning out my car.
MooSoo Stick Vacuum (6)

And it’s strong enough suction to clean the floor mats with no trouble at all. I love the power suction on this vacuum. It’s awesome !
MooSoo Stick Vacuum (7)

With kids, this is something that needs cleaned often. I hated doing it before with my older big vacuum. With this one, it’s just too quick and easy. I really have no excuse. And actually I don’t mind it because it’s not causing me extra time or inconvenience.

MooSoo Stick Vacuum (8)

Under the cushions is always so gross but this thing sucked everything up, regardless of how big or sticky the chunk. (Ewww, I know) But 1 kid, 2 grand-kids and 2 dogs should explain it all.
MooSoo Stick Vacuum (9)

Oh and to be able to get in between tight spaces with this skinny wand has been soooo nice. These places just never got cleaned before. Ever ! The desk and file cabinet are way to heavy for me to move.
MooSoo Stick Vacuum (10)

Neither did my baseboards. But again, it’s just too lightweight and easy to do. It’s gotta make my job easier or it’s a no go. So far, this vacuum does just that.
MooSoo Stick Vacuum (11)

I swear these never got cleaned before either. Because really who wants to drag the step stool out, hang on to your heavy vacuum or shop vac so you can make the hose reach. Not me ! I just popped the floor head off and inserted the brush tool, reached my arm up and Boom ! It was done. No step stool. Or heavy bulky vacuum. No cussing. Nothing got thrown across the room at all ! And the dust is off my vent and will probably get cleaned weekly now.
MooSoo Stick Vacuum (12)

With the wand and being light weight, it makes hard to reach spots easy too. Not like I cleaned them before. I sound like my house is filthy, but it’s not, I promise ! Not now anyway, haha. Just these hard to reach areas and pain the butt spots were neglected.
MooSoo Stick Vacuum (13)

I could not be happier with this thing. I do not use the holder that came with it. I don’t have the perfect spot for it yet. So for now I prefer it leans against the wall in my closet. The cord has a velcro strap you can wrap around after you coil the cord up so it doesn’t come undone.
MooSoo Stick Vacuum (14)

This is recommended for hard floors only. The head is a little small but not bad really, but that’s what makes it so wonderful. If you have a whole house of hard floors, and you’re house is huge… it might be a problem to make more passes. But we have a 950 sq ft house and only half of the floors are hard. But next year, we are changing them to all hard floors. It’s still a small house and the awesomeness of this vacuum far outweighs making a few more passes in my opinion. My house is completely doable though.
MooSoo Stick Vacuum (15)

It does have 6 LED lights in front which makes it nice when you are getting under beds.
MooSoo Stick Vacuum (16)

The neck swivels well too for getting in hard to reach places, or just under the table and between chair legs. The wheels roll nice and smooth.
MooSoo Stick Vacuum (17)

Since we have someone in the house with bad allergies, the 2 piece Hepa filter is a nice piece of mind. Knowing the dust, pollen and allergens are being captured by 99.99%. Sweeping just throws them back in to the air.
MooSoo Stick Vacuum (18)

I’m telling you, the suction is killer !
MooSoo Stick Vacuum (19)

Getting in hard to reach places is also capturing dust, dander and pollen. Because I can honestly tell you, I did not clean under everything before. I am doing it a lot more now since this stick vacuum is making that process a whole lot easier.
MooSoo Stick Vacuum (20)

Picked up everything, even little rocks off our shoes. (Which aren’t supposed to be warn in the house anyway, a-hem family members). I see some candy corn, popcorn seeds, many unidentified objects…
MooSoo Stick Vacuum (21)

Yuck, it’s gross but I’m glad it’s getting all this ! Little embarrassing showing you this, but it’s necessary to show you how well it does. This is just a kitchen and bathroom floor. And I swept daily (before)! I vacuum now though !!!  All those allergens are being captured now.
MooSoo Stick Vacuum (22)

Here is where the filter is when you need to change it. One comes with it and a spare. Just twist that blue and silver part off. They have made everything about this vacuum easy.
MooSoo Stick Vacuum (23)

If you are looking for an easy to maneuver and handle vacuum for hard floors, this MooSoo Hardwood Floor Stick Vacuum is for you. You will not be disappointed. I absolutely love it! One of the best vacuum’s I’ve ever owned.


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