Mileage Goal Half Way Check In

We are part way through June, time to see if I’m up to speed with my new goal this year. Last year I just had a 1,000 mile running/walking goal. I reached that but had trouble fitting in other activities. 

This year I set a low mileage goal of 500 running/walking and 500 bike miles. That way, I have time to fit other forms of exercise in. 

So far I let my bike miles slack because I new when summer got here and the heat and humidity set in, I’d switch to the bike and make up those miles to avoid the heat headache’s I get when walking/running during the summer.

bike ride

It works and it’s a change of pace. I’m am at 275 for foot miles and 250 for bike miles and June isn’t quite over, so I’m right there where I should be. I was hoping to be ahead really, but I’ll take it because I’m enjoying all the other things I make time for just as much. And versatility conquers boredom and routine.

run feet

Also keeping track of elliptical miles just for fun. I don’t track anything else. So there’s my update, so far so good. I’m hoping to get ahead of the game this summer so that if I miss some later in the year around the holidays it won’t be no big deal.

5K, Fun Run (5)

And she just runs, bikes and swims all the time, no need to track anything. Although some days I’ve love to put a fitness tracker on her. 

Are you staying up to par with your fitness goals so far?

Do you get heat headache’s? Ever found a way to avoid them? 

What else do you enjoy doing in the summer?


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