Martina McBride 2021

This past summer we actually got to attend a local fair. We missed them as they’ve been cancelled due to covid. It was hotter than blazes, but we got to go. It wasn’t too busy either. Funny I post this in December, with snow on the ground and my slippers on. I see these pictures and remember I’d have given anything for a slight breeze and some shade at the time.
Martina McBride 2021

You only get to see two pictures of Ashlyn having fun at the fair, since these are the only two pictures that she’s not blurry in. She’s at the age she prefers all the fast moving rides that typically make me want to vomit. I can’t even hardly watch her on them let alone go on them with her. It’s weird, I can go on roller coasters but I cannot spin in circles. So the potato sack slide is my type of ride.
Martina 2021 (2)

The highlight though was we got to see Martina McBride !! For those of you that know me at all, know that she’s one of my favorite. When she’s that close, I will be darn sure to get tickets. We bought these tickets pre-covid but of course she got cancelled. Covid! You could choose to keep your ticket or get refunded. Well I had really good seats, so I kept those tickets. Two years later we finally got to go. Little did I know, choosing a seat in the first row, just off the ground level was perfect and perfect for covid too. I only had my small pocket camera, which doesn’t do well at all in these intense lights. I knew I wouldn’t get many good photos but I also didn’t want to be carrying around a good camera either. So it is what it is and a friend of mine was there and we swapped the photos that we each did get. She had up close to the stage standing area tickets. I don’t like to fight the people in that area and Ashlyn wouldn’t have seen well. And I knew by the time we were done at the fair and time for the concert, we’d want to desperately sit down. This was Ashlyn’s very first concert and she barely knew who Martina was but still had fun.
Martina 2021 (3)

She was amazing of course but a few disappointing things. The sound quality was off for some reason. Seemed like they kept having trouble getting it right. And the other disappointing thing was, Martina is known for belting out notes and lyrics long and loud and beautiful. And she just wasn’t doing that this night. Not sure if it was a voice issue or if it was due to the sound problem they seemed to have.
Martina 2021 (4)

Regardless of those two issues, she still put on a great show. The good thing was, there was no opener. Which is sometimes nice to see someone else but in this case, it was great that she played the whole time.
Martina 2021 (5)

Martina 2021 (6)

The other good thing is that we didn’t have any obnoxious people sitting by us. I’ve had that before and they can really ruin your good time. We had all decent respectful people sitting beside and behind us, so the whole concert was enjoyable.
Martina 2021 (7)

We did have one problem. haha. When we arrived, the parking guys parked us near the concert area so that when it let out, you went right out to the closest parking lot. But, since we were there several hours early to go to the fair first, they still parked by the concert since we had tickets, they led us through the concert area in order to get to the fair. Did that all make sense? Sounded like it was confusing. So as we walked through the concert area, as per the fair/parking people, we are walking right through her sound check and practice! I’m like what, this is awesome ! It’s like a little private concert and they told us to go this way. How cool and what a nice surprise. As we continued to walk, this lady comes right at me from the opposite end, screaming at me to leave the area, keep walking and no pictures!!  What the heck. I get guided in this way by a very nice gentlemen telling me to have a great time and I go right into a lady screaming at me telling me to move it and not even let me wait for my family so we don’t get separated. Her and I had some words that’s for sure. And look, if you didn’t want us walking through sounds check, then DON’T walk us through sound check. Jeez !!!
Martina 2021 (8)

So these are the couple of illegal photos I got from sound check that I was either supposed to have seen or not supposed to have seen. I’m still not sure. You get politely walked in here from a super nice man and escorted out by a crazy biotch. Either way, Martina was worth it. There’s always got to be that person everywhere you go. Oh well, we didn’t let her spoil our time. I’m trying real hard not to give too much effort towards negative rotten people like that.
Martina 2021 (9)

We were talking about all the concerts we’ve been too and how many of them I’ve won tickets for. A friend of mine and I used to try and win tickets off the radio and if we won, we’d bring each other and that was our yearly night out together. I should go back through our pics and show you guys the artists we’ve seen and see how many we’ve seen from winning. We’ve been to some big names. I think I’ll do that. Would be fun to remember them all.

Who is your favorite singer you love to see?

Do you prefer the indoor venues or do you like the casualness of a county fair concert?

Ever had any backstage passes or private concerts?  Years ago, I was in the Martina Fab Club and I got to go to her rehearsal the night before and got special seating during her Live TV Special and go to a pre-concert party. It was the coolest one I’ve ever been too.

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