Marble Run & Mega Set Play Mat – Reviews

I’ve got a couple cool ones for you today. I’m doing both in one post to make it easier and they are from the same company. And just in time for Christmas gift ideas !  Some links may contain an affiliate link where I may make a very small profit at no additional cost to you.

Mega Set Play Mat by EduShape

The first is Edu-tiles Mega Set Play Mats by EduShape. We have a very tiny set of a similar tiles, about 3 or 4 inches is all. These are mega whoppers, 12×12 inches!  The size is what makes them awesome. You can do so much more, build more things, bigger things, more useful thing. Ashlyn has built a box that she fits in, a fort, over sized playpen for playing house, a tunnel and a flat mat for tumbling. Once you put them together, they stay together. So if she had an open edge (like the tunnel in the video), it stayed that way. Which just makes them that much more versatile. She’s had a ton of fun playing with these. She comes up with way more uses and ideas for these than I ever would. She loves them.

edushape tile mat 
Here’s the video to show you more. 

Marbulous Marble Run by EduShape

On to the next one.  Marbulous Marble Run by EduShape.  This thing was awesome. I had never seen one prior to this. You can make it as easy as you want, or as difficult depending on the age and level of your child.  It’s a pretty hard plastic, so very durable. They are easy to fit together for the younger kids too. You can create so many different unique runs, and it’s so fun to send all the marbles down. It’s like the big event after you’ve made your tower. And to be honest, this is not just for kids. The adults have had just as much fun with it. Even arguing with the kids to not give pieces back to them because we weren’t done yet !!  This really is one of the coolest toys I’ve seen in along time.

marble run

 Here’s the video to show you how it works in action.

You may want to check out the other toys EduShape offers as well.  
Happy Christmas shopping this year. 


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