Maquoketa Caves

We finally made our way back to Maquoketa Caves this past summer. The year before we tried but the whole state park was closed due to paving of all their roads. Years and years ago we went with my step son and nephew, but only went through the main cave. This time we spent the day, just Ashlyn with us and hit almost all the caves.

Started out going down in this one.
Maquoketa Caves

Someone was excited and came very, very prepared for her day of adventures.
Maquoketa Caves 004

Maquoketa Caves 007

Maquoketa Caves 010

There are some that get really tight and small. We avoided them figuring we weren’t adventurous enough to get stuck in one.
Maquoketa Caves 013

They are very cool though.
Maquoketa Caves 014

Maquoketa Caves 020

Water. It attracts us. I think it’s our love language.
Maquoketa Caves 021

Maquoketa Caves 032

Lots to climb on.
Maquoketa Caves 033

Lots to climb in.
Maquoketa Caves 035

Maquoketa Caves 039

There was one a little drop inside so I was afraid that we’d have trouble getting out. So Jamie stayed out, in case we did have trouble. We both get inside, and it was like a little room. This family that just got done says, “Careful, there are hundreds of spiders in there”. We looked around and must have looked confused. They said “Look up”.  Holy F\&*%^$# S&^% !!!!! TONS of them. I boost Ashlyn out, although I don’t think she needed the boost. As I look out the hole everyone is gone, you can bet your ass it didn’t matter, I got THE HELL out of there. And had people check my back, hair and everywhere for spiders ! There should be a warning sign on this one !
Maquoketa Caves 050

Other than the spider chamber, everywhere else is so pretty and peaceful.
Maquoketa Caves 073

After we were done, there is a restaurant a few miles down the road called Bluff Lake (Catfish Farm). It’s only open on the weekends and they are mostly known for their catfish, chicken and shrimp. It’s all very good. You can sometimes wait hours at this place but as luck would have it we walked right in. I think we deserved it after the spider incident.
Maquoketa Caves 074

The view is real pretty while you’re waiting. The other side is too, you can feed the fish, but I didn’t get a picture of that for some reason.
Maquoketa Caves 075

Little water fall.
Maquoketa Caves 076

I just love this sign inside the restaurant. It’s so true. All places should do this. I have seen so many people sit at the same table with their nose in their phone and not say one word to the person they are eating with. Why even go to eat with that person. Jeesh. So remember to disconnect people, ‘talk to’ the people you are with. Like it’s 1995.
Maquoketa Caves 077


Are you adventurous and love caves and rock climbing?

Maybe you’d rather go straight to the restaurant with no climbing, yes?


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