Last Camping Weekend of 2016

This will be our last camping weekend for this year. It’s that time of year to pack it all up for the winter that will be here before we know it. We had perfect weather to end our season.

Ashlyn met and hung out with another camping kid. This fort is always a favorite. I went to get them for lunch and they told me they were fine, they had food. And it was healthy they said. (fruit snacks, wheat thins and squirt cheese). Yep, sounds good to me.
2016 last camp  (1)

This fort up in a neat spot in the woods is such a hit with all the kids. Especially having a tied off rope to get to and from it. The girls ‘girled’ it all up this weekend. Painted their toes in it, cleaned it all up, scattered girl toys around.
2016 last camp  (2)

By this time of the year, I am about as sick of marshmallows as you can get.
2016 last camp  (3)

Just checking items off of our scavenger hunt list.
2016 last camp  (4)

A different lake next to where we camp, still part of the same campground. They have 3 different camping spots, and you can get to all 3 by driving (the boring way) or you can go by trails (our way).
2016 last camp  (5)

They have the best trails. Very open and cleared away. And after helping with Clean Up Day here, I have a new appreciation for exactly how much work is involved in keeping them this way. It’s definitely an ongoing job, but it’s so well worth it.
2016 last camp  (6)

I also learned what is NOT a hiker, runner or walker’s best friend…..roots and holes hidden by leaves and loose walnuts. Thankful my ankles made it out ok.
2016 last camp  (7)

Hmm, I’m thinking possible Christmas card photo spot.
2016 last camp  (8)

Or fishing spot.
2016 last camp  (9)

Lot’s of fishing spots.
2016 last camp  (10)

Oooh maybe another possible Christmas card photo spot.
2016 last camp  (11)

Fish weren’t biting too good this weekend. But she managed to get a few.
2016 last camp  (12)

Learning the proper way to hold a fish. Starting with the small ones.
2016 last camp  (13)

Had Grandpa and Grandma out for lunch and fishing.
2016 last camp  (14)

Hitting up the trails before anyone else in the campground gets up. Being an early riser isn’t exactly a bad thing.
2016 last camp  (15)

Checking for minnows. Or tadpoles. Not sure which they are.
2016 last camp  (16)

But she did catch a few by hand. (released them of course)
2016 last camp  (17)

She’s good at making new friends.
2016 last camp  (18)

I think this one accidentally got in here. Oh well, it’s in now.
2016 last camp  (19)

Holding ’em like a boss now.
2016 last camp  (20)

Until she caught her first catfish ! Didn’t want anything to do with holding this one. Please notice the homemade stick pole she caught it on, that she made herself.
2016 last camp (21)

2016 last camp (22)

Until next year.
2016 last camp  (23)

Do you go camping? Tent or camper?

Do your kids like to fish?

Are trails part of your thing when you do camp?

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