After living in this house for a year, we decided maybe we should finally do some landscaping. Trenching 12x12x2 brick in for edging was the worst part of it.

Ashlyn was able to sling around a few 30 lb bags of mulch.

landscape (1)

Started with a few Lilies. Still waiting on a few more plants to go in back.

landscape (2)

We need things easy and maintenance free. We don’t like spending time on it and we are not that good at it either. Plants are so needy, always wanting water.

landscape (3)

I just LOVE these. My absolute favorite.

landscape (4)

Apparently they are the bunnies favorite too !!!!!!!!!!   They lasted a 2 whole days.

landscape (5)

Do you love landscaping or just enough to get by like me?

Do you have to have everything in chicken wire to prevent rabbits from munching on it?

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