Koowien Wireless Sport Headphones – Review

I have been checking out these headphones or earbuds depending on what you prefer to call them. They are the Koowien Wireless Sport Headphones (KOO-K6) in Black. I used to think I would never have a wireless set because of how expensive they are. But for a lower price point, these are pretty fantastic. Here are my thoughts on them. 

So you get the earbuds, ear tips, charging cable and small manual. 

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Size & Fit: They are a little big on my ears, BUT my ears tend to be on the small side and all earbuds are big on me. Having said that, these still stay in just fine and are still comfortable. I’ve worn them walking, running, biking and at the gym and they stay in just fine. They are pretty comfortable as well.

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Cord:  The short cord is a bit stiff. I would prefer one that is more flexible.

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Pairing: This part was a breeze. Your phone automatically sync’s with it like any new device. On the right earbud, you hold the button for 3-4 seconds, it powers on and connects to your phone. 

Range:  My best guess is it’s about 30 feet or so. Just like they state in the product description. I can leave my phone in the garage and go in my house 2 rooms away before the sync breaks. In my gym, I can leave my phone on a chair and still reach all of my machine’s and things I want to do. So I think in my house going from room to room is one thing, but the gym is one big open room and I think I get longer range in there. 

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Power/Call: This is the power button. It is also the button to answer a call with (using a shorter quicker push of the button). I rarely get calls at the early or late hour I use these so it’s not a concern for me and I’ve never had a chance to use it. And if I would get a call, I”m not answering it anyway, my workout time is my time and I don’t like to be bothered with calls. There is a mic too for if you do use this option.

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Volume/Skip: This is the volume +/- as well as previous and next song option. The volume is a quick little compress of the button. The previous and next song is holding it down for maybe 2 seconds and it skips. You get the feel for it really quick. Very easy.

I am very happy with the sound quality but I’m not one of those people who are real judgemental over the sound, but I think it sounds great.

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Charge: This is where you plug it in. Has the little rubber flap and so far it has not broken off. Easy and quick to charge. Charge does last for a long time. I run with them 4-5 times before charging, but I only run about 5 miles at a time and I charge them to be sure it doesn’t die on me, not because it was drained.

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So all on the right earbud is the volume, skip, power and call buttons.

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The ear hook is the part that is a little big. But like I said, didn’t make them not fit good, it’s just a little big. Only recommendation I’d have is this part be that adjustable kind. That twists and turns and shortens to form to your ear better. But I do still like them a lot. Anything to get rid of that cord being in the way of the traditional style.

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This is how they look from the front. They aren’t dainty looking and they aren’t huge looking, but I definitely wouldn’t want them to be any bigger.

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The best part is, I have no cord to mess with anymore and these haven’t fallen out yet. The fit good, stay in place, sound great and you can’t beat the inexpensive price. I’ve been very happy with them.

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Do you use wireless earbuds?

How are do you run each day?

What did you have for supper last night? (just curious, I like to know these things)


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