Jr Volleyball

Ashlyn was lucky enough that her school offered a Junior Volleyball team this year. We didn’t have any other schools around us offer this, so they had no other teams to play. But there were enough 4th and 5th grade girls that showed an interest and signed up that they split them up and were able to make 2 teams. So they played each other for a few games.
Jr Volleyball

Great experience to get familiar with the rules and practice serving and volleying. They had a summer volleyball camp this past summer but she couldn’t go it since they had a fractured and broken wrist at the same time. But she caught up quickly.
Volleyball (1)

The younger girls got to be announced at the high school girls game one night. That was very cool for them. They included them in their huddle and gave them each a little goodie bag. Something pretty neat for them coming from the older girls.
Volleyball (3)

She really liked playing and next year will be the official Junior High team she’ll get to play on.

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