It Haircare 12-in-One Leave-in Treatment – Review

Years ago I condensed my hair care products dramatically when I discovered It’s a 10 Leave-in Treatment. Since it did 10 different things to your hair, it saved you all those other products. I think it truly did what it claimed (repairs dry & damaged hair, adds shine, detangles, controls frizz, seals & protects hair color, prevents split ends, stops breakage, creates silkiness, enhances natural body, flat iron spray & thermal protection).  Some links may contain an affiliate link where I may make a very small profit at no additional cost to you.

It’s a superior product with excellent quality. But. There’s always a but to something great. It comes at a steep price point. It varies online and in the stores, but it’s quite high. I think it’s worth it, I do. But. There’s that but again. But I’m still a tight-ass and I like a good deal as much as anyone. 

This is actually a really good price right now. Target and Amazon are my go to stores, and Target has this same 10 oz bottle for $36.99 and it’s $28.25 at Amazon.

I was looking for something in Walgreens one day, I came across a similar product. Sounds to me like a knock off of It’s a 10. It was a big 10 oz bottle. It claimed to do all the same things mostly. Except it added two more. Honestly, it’s all the same, just reworded to sound like more. 

  • Repairs dry, damaged hair
  • Protects from split ends & breakage
  • Shiny & healthy hair
  • Transforms frizz to silk
  • Maximum heat protection
  • Seals & protect hair
  • Removed tangles
  • Restores natural body
  • Abyssinian Oil for silky hair
  • Fuses silk amino acids
  • Infused with silk amino acids
  • Transforms brittle hair

It’s called It Haircare 12-in-One Leave-in Treatment.  It’s at a much lower price. I had points to burn on my Walgreens card, so I picked this up for $14. But the $19 Amazon has it for sounds about right. Walgreens pricing varies from store to store. 
It (3)

How does it compare? I think it’s a very close second to It’s a 10. I like it just as much, it falls short only slightly. Very slightly. But for the cheaper price, I love it all the same and just as much. It’s a 10 is just amazing. It Haircare is a very close runner up and it’s very, very good. I’ll definitely stick with it.

It (5)

I use it on my own hair as well as my daughters. We spray it on damp towel dried hair, then style as usual. It also makes for a great touch up detangling spray on dry hair for kids. It does have a pleasant smell. Not overpowering, it’s very light. Just a couple of sprays does it, you don’t need to douse your whole head. When you brush through, it disperses it nicely throughout your hair.

I love that the heat protection is included in both products. I think they both do a good job. Since we all use blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons….I think a good heat protector is easily forgotten. 

It Haircare 12-in-One saves on additional product and saves on additional steps.  

Have you tried either one of these? Or do you know of any other similar products?


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