Intex 24’x12’x52″ Rectangle Pool with Saltwater System

So we upgraded pools this summer. We definitely used our little Intex 10′ Easy Set pool like crazy, and that was only 2-3′ deep.  After shopping around, we decided to go with the Intex 24’x12’x52″ Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Set with Sand Filter Pump and Saltwater System.  There are many pro’s and con’s to a round, oval or rectangle pool. Rectangle fit in our space the best. We knew we wanted a salt water system. And this pool was 1/3 of the cost of everything we received quotes for. We did have to assemble it, but it really was easy. You just need a few extra people to help but was really easier than we expected it to be.

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Intex 24’x12’x52″ Rectangle Pool with Saltwater System

Set up was made easier for us since we were putting the pool on a concrete slab. Getting it level was perfectly done already. After cleaning the area really well, we put down the ground cloth. Then spread the liner out and let it sit in the sun while we got everything else ready. By doing that, the sun warms it up and helps smooth out any wrinkles. Slide the poles inside the top strap thing, they will snap together and lock into place. Then snap the legs on with the little flaps on them.
Pool 01

You have several people get inside the pool. Make sure your ladder is assembled so they can get out ! They will hold that top bar up, which makes the legs come down. The person on the outside will attach those flaps to the bottom area of the pool. It will look like one big bag. Since there is no metal wall, this liner is triple layered and extra thick to serve as your wall as well.
Pool 02

It will look like this and you are ready to begin filling. We had someone stay inside to continue to smooth out wrinkles. And someone on the outside to watch the legs to make sure they stayed straight and in place.
Pool 03

Obviously, you knew she couldn’t hold back before getting in. Just not quite enough water yet.
Pool 04

Slowly getting there. This pool holds about 8400 gallons.
Pool 05

Don’t freak out, but this is what the sidewalls will look like while filling up. The pressure from the water is what will hold them out straight when it’s full. It makes you think something is not right, but trust me it’s perfectly fine.
Pool 06

Once filled, they will be straight as an arrow.
Pool 07

Only Ashlyn can swim in 8400 gallons of fresh cold hose water !!!!  The green tint is from our water. It has a little rust in it, so the water pouring in from the right hand side of the photo is a temporary filter system. We let that run for about 2-3 days and it was crystal clear in no time. Wasn’t a big deal you just need to filter it out. Had we known it would have been rusty, we’d have filled the pool through that filter. Oh well.
Pool 08

This is what it looked like a few days later. We couldn’t be happier with the saltwater system. It was new to us and there is no way we’ll ever go back to the other way.
Intex 24’x12’x52″ Rectangle Pool with Saltwater System

We have some happy swimmers in this house (her and I). It definitely gets used every single nice day we have. It also came with a volleyball net but didn’t get that part up yet at this point.
Pool 10

It’s long enough for this mermaid to swim like the fish she is. The 24′ is nice, she can splash at one end and we can be relaxing and watching from the other end not get splashed. Long enough for me to swim laps. It’s a great size and we couldn’t be happier. For the size, the saltwater and the price….it’s excellent for us any way you look at it.
Pool 11

If you’re looking for an awesome family pool that won’t kill your bank account, check this one out for sure. It does come in saltwater and regular chlorinated systems.

Are you a pool family?

Have you tried a saltwater system before?



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    That girl needs a wet suit and she can swim til it freezes lol

    • Everyday Snapshot October 23, 2018 at 12:12 am Reply

      She does need a wet suit !! She hasn’t thought of that yet. YET ! lol

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