InfusionPro Water Bottle – Review

After trying out the InfusionPro Water Bottle for a couple of weeks, I”m pretty impressed.  Some links may contain an affiliate link where I may make a very small profit at no additional cost to you.

Water is your body’s source of life. Infused water is especially beneficial because it makes the act of drinking water more enjoyable for the taste-buds. As an added bonus, infused water has the sweet fruit flavors without the extra calories or sugar. Plus the natural antioxidants from the fruits you choose.

This one is the InfusionPro Water Bottle, 2 pack, 24 oz.
infusionpro (1)

The 2 pack made it great to keep one in the fridge and infuse while I was drinking the other. Most of you that know me, know that my patience level when waiting for something like this is far from large.
infusionpro (2)

The fruit holding chamber was enclosed enough to hold the fruit and not release many, if any, floating within the water.
infusionpro (3)

Great size overall. Holds a decent amount of water. I loved the size, more narrow, not chunky. Fit in all my cup holders. Slim enough to slide inside your bag or purse.
infusionpro (4)

I really liked the lime green color. The drinking spout was nicely slanted, which makes the water flow nicely in your mouth, instead of looking like the corners of your mouth sprung a leak. The flip top also allows room for your nose. You know how some once you tip it up, you nose crunches against it. No worries, this one does not. I know you were worried if your schnaz was going to smush or not.
infusionpro (5)

When the lid is snapped down, it did not leak at all. I left it upside down and on it’s side for several hours. No leaks!! Huge bonus since 9 out of 10 cups like this seem to leak.
infusionpro (6)

Have you tried one of these yet?  If not, and you like fruit, and you like water, you better get yourself one. Or if you are trying to like water better, it’s a great way to suck it down without all that sugar from artificially flavored waters. 

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.


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