Horse Lessons – June

Ashlyn is starting her next session of horse riding lessons. Today when we walked in, they took her by surprise a little bit with a new instructor and a new saddle. With new instructors, comes different ways of doing things and not being in sync with Ashlyn yet. Such as the way she does things, how she gets the horse ready, how the reigns are, etc.
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Ashlyn instantly put up a wall. Her stubbornness kicked in. She doesn’t like being blindsided with changes. But she also has to learn to adapt since it’s part of life. Her horse also wanted to be a bit difficult today as well and gave her a challenge. I told her the horse gave her a taste of her own medicine since she was being stubborn as well. She definitely had some lessons to learn today. We discussed them in the car afterwards.
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Having a new instructor brings new and different teaching styles which gives Ashlyn more knowledge and experience. She definitely got more saddle time today, so that’s a big bonus. A super nice new person in your life willing to teach you is always a blessing. Her shyness also prevents her from speaking up around new people. Such as, letting her know she didn’t care for this saddle or didn’t like how she knotted the reigns. (Although we told her trying a new saddle helps you find the perfect one and same with trying new styles with the reigns).
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We also had a discussion about her getting to stick with the same horse all the time. This horse sometimes makes kids really work for what they want her to do. They were both (Ashlyn and the horse) feeling a little stubborn today. We tried to explain to her how good this was !!  If you stick to the same horse, that listens perfectly every time, your experience only goes so far. But being a beginner rider and having that horse give her a challenge today, this instructor really got to teach her some new things today in how to control your horse, correct it and get it to do what you want in other ways than the ‘easy ways’. So it was a great lesson today even if she didn’t feel like it. She gains so much more from a horse that doesn’t make it easy.

You have to know how to handle all types of horses. Which brings us to our point of not getting used to the same horse. Having her lessons on a variety of horses will give her the ability to handle all those personalities and types of horses. Being open minded and well rounded will bring her the most experience. And if she ever plans to own one in the future, as much experience as possible is a must.
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So in the end she understood our conversation today and is quite excited now about the new instructor and learning new ways. And she’s going to try new saddles and ways to hold the reigns but will speak up when that style doesn’t work for her. And she’s hopefully going to be more open and adaptive when hit with new things and changes. A work in progress. Having said all that, she did great today up on that horse.

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