Hometown 5K, A’s 1st 1 Mile

I love when your hometown has a 5K, it’s like a little mini reunion. I have no idea how we ended up, but we couldn’t have done too bad. We started dead last in the line up, and we were not last when we finished. But we had fun !

A- tried the one mile fun run for kids. She’s never participated in an event like this, so she was quite nervous and unsure she wanted to do it. So my friend T and I kind of walk/ran with her for awhile then let her run ahead and go on her own and she met us up again for the ending. Which was nice because it made her feel more comfortable, but it meant that I did not get a picture of her crossing the finish line for her first race, because I was with her. I saw several people taking picture’s for the park district, so hoping to sift through those and maybe there’s one with her in it. 

I was mad at myself for forgetting to have someone take one of A, my friend T who walked with me and myself. Otherwise, this is all I got. 

She wouldn’t go up towards the front, she was too nervous she wouldn’t know where to go, she wanted to be the last one. Silly kid. Although, we were the last one’s in the 5K line up too. Boy, neither one of us are looking for an edge are we?
ptwn 5k (1)

T- helping A- at the snack table.
ptwn 5k (2)

She was happy she finished the race and gave it a try. She’s ready for her next one she said.
ptwn 5k (3)

Me and a couple of high school peeps !!!   So good to see them.
ptwn 5k (5)

Nice looking gums, dentist should be proud.
ptwn 5k (4)


  • Jan July 4, 2014 at 5:08 pm Reply

    How fun! I wish I'd had a chance to chat with you other than 1/2 second at the start! I looking around after the race but didn't see you.

  • Everyday Snapshot July 4, 2014 at 5:27 pm Reply

    I left sort of quick afterwards. I caught up with those couple of friends in the pic above, and left shortly after they started announcing winners (my parents were watching A- for me and wanted to pick her up before getting too late).

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