Heal Burn with Egyptian Magic

Remember awhile back, I mentioned Egyptian Magic in a post?  I mentioned it because it’s a favorite frequently used product. In a nutshell, it’s a healing balm with all natural ingredients that scores a 1 on Environmental Working Group website. Ingredients are olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly and bee propolis but feel free to check it all out here.  It has a ton of uses. So many it’s hard to list them all, which I did list several on that original blog post. We just recently got over bad colds, this stuff was amazing on that sore nose. Great in the winter on cheeks and lips. The list literally goes on.

Today I wanted to show you how well it did with burns.   ** Burn photos are shown below. Can be gross to some. It’s not a bad burn, didn’t even blister, but this is your warning.
Heal Burn with Egyptian Magic

The texture is like a salve or ointment. Soaks into the skin rather quickly. Has a smooth feel to it. A little tiny amount goes a very long way. One jar will last us 8 months to a year I’d say.  As for a burn, it says it should take the sting or burning sensation away for a regular burn and a sunburn. We have used it on sunburns and it works very, very well.
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While pulling a sheet pan out of the oven, I had the door with one hand and the pan with the other. I thought I saw our cat out of the corner of my eye. I didn’t want her quick curiosity getting too close to the oven that was wide open. So I tried to quickly pull the pan out and whip the door shut. In doing that, the oven door hit the pan and knocked it off kilter and the crook of my other arm caught the pan.  And the cat was never even in the room !!! haha

DAY 1:  Here is about 10 minutes after I did it. I got the Egyptian Magic and put some on right away. When I bend my arm, these two spots touch so it was definitely in a tricky spot. It did end up taking the sting and burning sensation away, but not for about an hour. After about two hours, there was no sting at all remaining. I applied the Magic several times a day.
Burn Day 1 Egyptian Magic

DAY 2 – This was the next day. No stinging came back. I continued to apply the Magic at least 3-4 times per day.
Burn Day 2 Egyptian Magic

DAY 3 – Both spots already look like they are improving but especially that one spot on the right.
Burn Day 3 Egyptian Magic

DAY 4 – Looking lots better.
Burn Day 4 Egyptian Magic

DAY 6 – It crusted up even while applying the salve and that crust is already flaking off.
Burn Day 6 Egyptian Magic

DAY 8 – I didn’t rush the sluffing off stage. I just let the dead skin layer come off on its own.
Burn Day 8 Egyptian Magic

DAY 11 – I was amazed, you can barely see it already. I’m hoping this works to help lesson a scar too.
Burn Day 11 Egyptian Magic

DAY 25 – It’s just the slightest pink spot left. And even that might go away with time. Even if it doesn’t, I’m extremely happy with how light it is.
Burn Day 25 Egyptian Magic

I’m very, very happy with how well it did. Heck I was just happy it took that awful stinging away on the first day.  So tried and true, Egyptian Magic definitely worked great for a burn for me.

Have you ever used Egyptian Magic?

Have you ever used it for a burn?

What are your favorite uses if you use it?


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