Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year Friends !!!!!  I hope your 2020 will be everything you are hoping for. (few affiliate links included in this post).
Above pic from Pixabay. I only wish I was there right now.

Some of us bring in the new year a little slower than others. Haha. We do nothing exciting. We stayed home New Years Eve and had popcorn, watched a movie and just chilled out at home. Jamie had to work and got home at 11:55 pm. Just made it.
New Year

Been enjoying Christmas break from school. We’ve had real decent weather which helps enjoy it (in my opinion). I’m sure all the kids that are home were hoping for snow! Christmas went great and Ashlyn got everything she hoped for. Since she made the list, she had better of been happy with the outcome !! I didn’t take a lot of pictures since we didn’t do much. And sometimes you enjoy your time off more when you put the camera down.
Christmas Morning (1)

Toby loves being in the center of everything. He just wasn’t sure about Ashlyn’s 3:45 am wake up call. I did make her wait until 5:00 am before waking her Dad so we could open gifts. He wasn’t thrilled with his early wake up call either. But when you have to be at a family gathering the day of Christmas, it’s nice to get up early so you have time to open, play with, put together and have plenty of time to enjoy your morning. We’ve had plenty of Christmas mornings where we blasted through gifts, left them lay, rushed off and checked them all out once we got home late. Not near as fun.
Christmas Morning (2)

So now that break is almost over, I know the kids are not ready to go back. And we’ve enjoyed the time off. But do breaks throw everyone else off? I mean we don’t even know what the heck day it is most of the time. So I for one am glad to get back to a schedule. For scheduling and planning, it’s that time of year to get your new calendar or planner ready (I use one that goes with the school year). Two of my favorites are The Happy Planner and the Blue Sky ones. This year I tried something new. Since no one planner seems perfect for me (I’m picky on this subject). I made my own out of a notebook to customize it for how I like it. If it doesn’t work out, I’m going right back to Happy Planner or Blue Sky. Also using my new favorite pens of course !

We also made our yearly gingerbread houses. Someone here looks like an angry elf !!!  We use that line a lot from the movie Elf. One of our all time favorite movies !!!!
Gingerbread House (2)

I just love how her drippy snow turned out. This kit actually had really good candy in it. As she gets older, more candy makes it on the gingerbread house instead of eaten so quickly.
Gingerbread House (2)

Speaking of drippy snow…. we woke up to much more than the predicted dusting. This is a heavy wet slushy snow… but pretty. It can melt now anytime.
Snowy Morning


So who does new year resolutions around here? I don’t do so much resolutions, as I do a sloppiness clean up. Such as get back to an organized house (December is chaos) and new schedules.  December seems to throw fitness and food right out the window, so get back to routine exercising and good eating again.

Questions and Opinions

Do some of you long time readers remember when I did Project 365? You take one photo every day for a year and post it, with no words or explanations. I did this for three years on my very old blog that is no longer live. I was thinking about doing that again since this year has 366 days in it and I much prefer even numbers over odd numbers. It’s extra work but it’s fun. What do you guys think? Do a Project 366 in 2020?


I have an Instagram account just so I can follow a few people that I like but I don’t use the account for posting. I’ve been getting a ton of feedback that I should. I guess Instagram is a really good tool being used by people more than some other social media. I was told Instagram and Pinterest is where it’s at if I want to be a cool kid. The problem I have here is, when I researched Instagram (yea I’m a research nerd) it sounds like I can ONLY use it from my phone. An app. I really don’t use my phone much, especially for social media or photos. I am a full on desktop gal. My question to you all is… is your phone the only way to use Instagram? It’s not possible to run your account and post things from a desktop, correct?


Enjoy your day friends. Thanks for helping a sister out on your Project 366 opinions and your Instagram input.

Oh one more thing… (Squirrel !!!) I’ve been getting asked how people get updates when I post something new. It’s so easy !! On the right hand side if you are on a computer, or scroll down past the heading links if you are on a phone… look for the Subscribe Here and enter your name and email and you’ll get an email every time I have a new post. And that’s all you’ll get. I do not flood your email with advertising and crap, I think that’s spammy and sneaky.  It’s so easy.


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