Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! EVERY DAY 

I am thankful that I have the opportunity to inspire and empower women so that they too can enjoy the benefits that our direct sales company has to offer. We have changed the lives of so many women, and we will continue to do so! We are the fastest growing division of Swarovski ~ a BILLION dollar debt free company! How many companies can say that?!

Girl Boss

We have a generous host plan as well as a compensation plan that is second to none. 
Does your employer give you extra money per month to put towards leasing a BMW? You can have that with Touchstone! 
Do you earn all expense paid vacations JUST for doing your job? We do! 

Live on your terms

We have the freedom to be our own boss and set our own income level. The sky is the limit with this company! More family time, unlimited income potential, AMAZING monthly incentives (again, just for doing your job!), the opportunity to be debt FREE! Best of all, it truly is a RISK FREE OPPORTUNITY! Why not try it!? It’s true ~ 20 minutes can change your life!

Dream Sparkle Shine

Get paid to party !
Love your job !
No better time !
Why not you !
Risk Free ! 
Earn Free jewelry !
Earn Free trips !

Your time to shine

Let me know if you’d ever like to take a listen on a Tell Me More call. It’s no pressure, no obligation. Just a phone call or sometimes a facebook event, to hear about the opportunity. That’s it.

I love this !
How much did you spend


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