Halloween & Pumpkins 2020

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Hey Strangers !!!!!  It’s been a month and a half since I’ve posted anything. I miss you guys and this site and sharing our boring lives with you. As always, life happens, covid craps on us and remote learning happens, face lifting areas of our house are getting done and everything else gets pushed aside. It’s 2020 right.

House update: I just have to take ‘after’ pictures and then I can show you all our progress.

For now, lets go back to Halloween and pumpkins. This year Ashlyn was a vampire type person. She just got over a cold and Jamie and I were in the middle of it. I didn’t get a picture of her in full make up and scars, but I’m am lucky I remembered to get a picture at all. Felt sort of crappy that day. So this was it. She looked great though, trust me.
Halloween 12

We painted pumpkins at the campground, which we’ve done in the past and love it.
Pumpkins and Halloween (1)

Here are the majority of them drying.
Pumpkins and Halloween (2)

The donut. By Ashlyn. I love this one.
Pumpkins and Halloween (3)

A PS4 remote. By Ashlyn.
Pumpkins and Halloween (4)

A candy corn. By me.
Pumpkins and Halloween (5)

A peppermint candy. By Ashlyn.
Pumpkins and Halloween (6)

Just a scary face. By me. The green was glow paint !!
Pumpkins and Halloween (7)

An emoji. By Jamie. With all do respect, no offense at all, not being judgy but this is why he gets the small pumpkins. Just sayin’.
Pumpkins and Halloween (8)

Ashlyn and I got some new face paint. It goes on SO well. Better than any we’ve tried before. But we have to get used to it and practice a little. So the deal was, she could paint anything she wanted on me and I couldn’t look. And I did the same, painted anything I chose on her and she couldn’t look.

This is what she chose.
Pumpkins and Halloween (9)

She did great for just trying it out.
Pumpkins and Halloween (10)

This is what I chose. Played around with blending with a sponge. We need practice for sure but we love it. It’s called Blue Squid Face Paint Kit. It comes with 12 colors, stencils and a starter brush.
Pumpkins and Halloween (11)

Pumpkins and Halloween (12)

I hope you were able to trick or treat in your area. We were able to and still had just as much fun as any other year. People were really great about social distancing and passing out candy appropriately. We had the best weather we’ve had in a very long time. That made me happy of course. I’m not a fan of cold yuk weather.

I miss you guys. Hopefully I can keep up with this site a little better now.

Did you dress up with your kids?

What good face painting tips do you have for us?

What is your favorite Halloween candy? Mine are usually Reece’s, Twix, Snickers and Starburst. And Caramel M&M’s.


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