Hair Bow Holder

While ago we made A the “oatmeal can” hair accessory holder. If you’ve not heard of it, you take the huge can of oatmeal, cover it in batting, then a fabric. You run a ribbon down one side over the fabric seam, the headbands are about perfect size to just wrap about, the hair blow clips, clip on the ribbon.

hair bows (1)

Clearly our bow portion is being over populated.
hair bows (2)

I took some off so you can see the ribbon. This is a perfect set up if you don’t have too many.  So I found another idea that we tried for just the bows. We left the headbands on the oatmeal container holder.
hair bows (3)

Any old frame with do. We used 11×14 size. You will need:
– Frame
– Ribbon
– Hot glue gun
hair bows (4)

Remove the nice little family that comes with it. Remove the glass. Remove any of the hooks that were there to hold the picture and glass in, you won’t be using them.

Choose the direction you want it to go, we chose the landscape direction. Decide how many strips of ribbon you’d like to use, measure and cut them to length.
hair bows (5)

Glue each end of the fabric in the crook where the glass would normally sit.
hair bows (6)

It should end up like this. I didn’t want any holes in the wall to hang it was, which was going on the side of her dresser. So I used double stick crafters tape. Which is supposedly supposed to come off the surface easily. I’ll find out when I’m ready to take it off.
hair bows (7)

Then just place your bows like so. Because of where you glued the ribbon, it will stick out a little from the surface, so you have space to clip and unclip easily.
hair bows (8)

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