Goodr Running Sunglasses – Review

I’ve been wearing goodr Running Sunglasses for several weeks now while jogging and for everyday wear. I have not been disappointed !  Let’s jump right in.

Goodr Sunglasses 1

I always like to go over what the company says about them first. A few of the main points:

  • No slip.
  • No bounce.
  • All polarized. (reduce glare)
  • UV protection. UV400 protection. Blocks 100% of UVA & UVB rays.
  • Affordable. (I love this part)
  • Stylish. (they definitely are)

They came in a nice box and soft sleeve. My first impression was they are very cool looking. Which is good, I need all the help I can get in the looking cool department.

Goodr Sunglasses 2

Fit & Feel
I went with the Mick & Keith’s Midnight Ramble, black frames with blue lens’s. Although they are only slightly snug, they are not “tight”. They don’t hurt your head or ears, which happens A LOT in my experience. They have a slight coating of something on them, which helps when you are sweating so they don’t slip around. I wore them for hours at a time for about a month and they did not hurt anywhere, still quite comfy. Many shades I want to take off after an hour or so. These are extremely light weight. You almost don’t even notice them on your face. Overall, they felt really good for a long time and are incredibly comfortable.

Goodr Sunglasses 4

I do like the the arms on them too. It’s not real thick. I really dislike those really thick/wide ones, feels like horse blinders. If you are driving, riding your bike or walking/running, last thing you want is to not see a car or something coming from a wide arm. I was pleased that the peripheral vision was not blocked. 

Slide up on Head
They passed my ‘slide em up on your head’ test. I do this frequently, and need them to not fall off my head, as well as not get caught in my hair and rip pieces of hair out. This is a common problem that drives me crazy. They stayed on top of my head, even if I bent over to tie my shoe, or was inside doing something….then they pushed right back down on my face. Did not get caught in my hair. Pushed up and down with no fuss. This is a big deal to me. Real big deal.

Goodr Sunglasses 10

Let’s take a moment to admire that beautiful blue/purple color in the lens. I LOVE the color. Let’s NOT take such a close look at that gray hair though !!!!

Goodr Sunglasses 11

Running – Sweating – Sports Activities
Obviously when it’s –10 degrees I don’t run outside and I don’t sweat, so I wore them inside to get a good sweat going. They didn’t bounce around on my face. They didn’t slip. They didn’t slide. I didn’t have to mess with them or push them up or fix them. At all actually. I expected them to a little bit. But Nada !! We played volleyball in the driveway with no slippage or bouncing there either.

Goodr Sunglasses 5

Even in a head stand !! They only slid down…or up…or towards the floor only by millimeters. Ashlyn had to try it too. She’s even got a kid size head.

Goodr Sunglasses 8 Goodr Sunglasses 9

I love that everything looks brighter & clear through these. Nothing yanks my chain more than having everything look so dark, and you basically have to keep taking them off to see things.  Sometimes you can’t even see your phone, radio, paper or whatever. You have to take them off every time just to see something. Not these suckers. You can still see screens/words when you need to. I liked this a lot about them.

As far as blocking the sun, I thought they were very sufficient. I mean if you look directly at the sun, yes you will feel the strength of the sun. I’ve had some mornings where the sun is so bright, there’s no pair of sunglasses in the world going to block that kind of brightness completely.

I wore them on plenty of sunny days when the sun was reflecting off the snow pretty good while driving and jogging, and I was quite happy with the sunglasses performance. Usually in too bright of situations, I’ll get those “bright sun tears” and I didn’t have any issues with that.

Goodr Sunglasses 7

Color – Style – Price
The color options available are awesome. You’ll have to go to their website and check them out. And as of writing this post today, they are $25.00. That is so extremely affordable for a great pair of running sunglasses !  I’m sure those pricey ones are great too, but I refuse to pay $100+ for them. No freakin way ! These are worth every cent.They also have a few tanks, hats and headbands.

When I saw picture’s of these shades on people, I expected them to be a little bit big looking on my face. Only because many sunglasses are. In my opinion, I don’t think they are big looking. I think they look good on my face size wise, they certainly feel good size wise.

Goodr Sunglasses 6

These also have a scratch resistant layer on the lens. But I am NOT testing that out!! I love these too much. You can scratch yours if you want, but I’m not.

Let’s look at that lens color again. LOVE it !!!

Goodr Sunglasses 3

Everyday Shades
These are also just an awesome pair for everyday. Even though they are excellent for running and sports activities, I love them all the time ! I think I do need a 2nd pair though. Nice to have one in the car all the time so you always have them handy. Hmmm, what color will be next.

Goodr Sunglasses 12

Customer Service
What a cool laid back company from what I gather. The customer service person that I dealt with was awesome. So friendly, informative and just a down right great person to deal with. You just don’t get good service anymore these days, but this company was fantastic ! That is hugely appreciated and means a lot these days.

These really are goodr !!!!!!

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