Goku Outdoor Solar Light (Update, for Pool)

I already posted about my initial review and thoughts of the Goku Outdoor Solar Light. That was towards the tail end of winter. We loved it so much we knew we wanted it in our pool area also. There are times when it gets dark and you can’t see a thing in there.

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So we installed it in there and it’s been fantastic. I won’t hit on all of the detailed points of the light, since I’ve already listed them all on here in the first post.
Goku Outdoor Solar Light (Update, for Pool)

It’s normally pretty pitch black in here. Since the light has a motion sensor, any movement in or out of the pool turns it on. We installed it close to the ladder but it lights up everything so well that it wouldn’t have mattered where we put it really.
Goku Light for Pool 02

It certainly has been extremely wonderful for a swim that ran late and being able to see to clean up without tripping over stuff.
Goku Light for Pool 03

It’s more than a soft light but not a spot light either. Just what we needed really.
Goku Light for Pool 04

Sometimes we just want to sit out here over a bonfire too. So when you sitting still around the fire it doesn’t come unless you get up and move. Which is what we like it to do.
Goku Light for Pool 05

No matter what we are doing, the light is absolutely perfect. Couldn’t be happier with it.

Goku Light for Pool 06

Goku Light for Pool 07

Here ya go if you want to check it out further. Such as great light, we really love it. Also be sure to check out my original post for full details and more info on the light.

Thank you to the Goku brand for yet another amazing product.


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