Gift with Cricut

Do you ever use a Cricut? I have for many, many years and not sure I could live without it. Especially since getting a newer version several years ago. Lots of improvements since my old one. I mostly mess around with cardstock and vinyl. I’ve dabbled in making t-shirts but need much more practice in that area.

As long as I’ve had it, I’ve never attempted a larger than mat project which is on my list of things I want to take time to do. For this gift I needed 12×24 size but they don’t make cardstock in that size (to my knowledge anyway). So I had to piece the little guy together after cutting it out from 8.5×11.

Here is Miss Vanna White showing you the final project. I was hoping for better detail but I was in a rush to get it done. As always haha.

Gift with Cricut

I go through phases where I use vinyl all the time. Then all kinds of cardstock projects. It’s a very handy machine to have around.

Here was my first shirt I ever made. It was for a Hawaiian themed birthday party.

Aloha Beaches

I have some neat vinyl’s I’d like to share but the info on many of them is too sensitive for privacy and safety of others (last name, phone numbers and towns on them). I don’t usually take pictures of these and share them anyway but wanted to show you my cute giraffe.

Do you have a Cricut? 

Favorite thing to work with? 

The possibilities are endless with a Cricit.


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