Gel Polish Remover Clips – Review

Well hello there strangers !!!  Did you miss me? Wait, don’t answer that. I’ve been on a 2 month hiatus to focus on moving and an incredibly busy summer. I’ll do a summer recap post soon to catch you up. But first, a quick review on a great product. This post may contain affiliate links where I may make a very small profit at no additional cost to you.

If you don’t have gel polish nails or anything alike, you can just skip this whole post. If you do, then you must try these. You MUST. 

nail clips (01)

Don’t get me wrong, the foil method worked just fine and dandy for this gal. I had no intentions of changing my ways.

nail clips (02)

But then I spied these and just had to give them a try.

nail clips (03)

Ten come in a pack. So unless you’ve chopped a finger off, it should work out clip to finger ratio.

nail clips (05)

You pinch em just like a clothes pin and clip over top of the acetone dipped cotton ball.

nail clips (07)

It was very easy to do, even with my less dominant hand.

nail clips (08)

One full cotton ball was a little thick in there, so I split the cotton ball in 2 and it was perfect size to fit and cover my nail.

nail clips (14)

No hassle at all. Just pinch and clip. These also hold it in place well, they are snug but not too tight that it rings the acetone out.

nail clips (15)

It also puts a little pressure on your nail, thus lessening the time it took to soak off my gel polish. Score !!!

nail clips (16)

I really love these nail clips and highly recommend giving them a try.

nail clips (17)

Do you do gel polish?  What removal method do you use?



  • Cruella March 20, 2019 at 10:20 am Reply

    I like that they give you 10 so you can do all your nails at one time. Though it’s hard to just sit if both hands are out of commission lol

    • Everyday Snapshot March 20, 2019 at 10:46 am Reply

      Yes, the set of 10 is convenient. But you are right, our patience level doesn’t allow for much sit time, lol.

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