Funnel Clouds Forming

Yesterday we had funnel clouds forming all over our area. That I am aware of, none of them touched down, therefore no tornado’s. When these things are not being dangerous, they are quite cool to watch !!!

Funnel Cloud, Tornado (2)

Ashlyn was playing with a friend, Jamie was napping and I was getting some work done.  The siren went off in town, but eh, it always goes off. So all it was, was a little annoying since it bothers the dogs and I was trying to get work done.  Ashlyn comes flying in the door, in a huge panic and says there is a tornado !  So I casually walk out not expecting to see anything, she shows me, then realize I need my camera !!!  Then I realize, son of a gun, the siren did mean tornado warning.

Funnel Cloud, Tornado (6)

Let’s talk siren, it goes off for testing, it goes off for fire or other emergency calls and it does go off in bad weather. But since today was actually not bad weather, figured it was one of the other many reasons. Last time it went off, and it was bad weather so assumed it must have been tornado related, we just didn’t have time. We were baking a cake and I wasn’t stopping at that point. We must coordinate these things better in the future.

Funnel Cloud, Tornado (3)

You can see the little tail is starting to turn. At this point it was starting to go back up. Thankfully it did. There were many spotted in our area today and there were also ball games and rolle bolle tournaments going on. Which meant a very, very large amount of people were outside with no shelter.

Funnel Cloud, Tornado (5)

Although Ashlyn was pretty scared and pretty sure we should not be outside, I convinced her she should get her picture with the funnel cloud. It’s not everyday you even get to see a possible tornado, let alone have a picture with one. I hope I also convinced her to not act like her mother and have the common sense to walk away from danger, not into it.

Funnel Cloud, Tornado (4)

This was neat and a good learning experience for Ashlyn to see so. So actually I was educating her too. To read about funnel clouds is one thing, but to witness them is another. I just like witnessing them when they don’t turn into tornado’s and hurt people and homes.

Funnel Cloud, Tornado (5)


Have you seen a funnel cloud?

Have you seen a tornado?

Do you find this stuff very interested, or would you rather head to the basement and not watch at all?


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