Fun with Friends

One of the cutest little shop’s ever had face painting recently. It’s called Paxton’s Corner Coop. They ice cream. Oh lordy, do they have ice cream. And cupcakes. Heavenly cupcakes. And cookies. Roll-your-eyes-back-in-your-head cookies. Cinnamon rolls. I haven’t tried these yet, but don’t you think for one minute that I won’t soon. So baked goods that are out of this world and with throw your diet for a tail spin since it’s impossible to stay out of this place. And they have eggs. The eggs are delish! They are hormone free, antibiotic free and humanely raised free range eggs. 

On to the face painting that Paxton’s had for the kids. 

Elsa painted the faces. She attends many fairs and events all over. She’s is soooo good.
face paint (1)

Ashlyn was obviously Hello Kitty, her friends were Anna and a tiger.
face paint (2)

face paint (3)

face paint (4)

face paint (5)

face paint (6)

Just in case Halloween is cold and crappy and I don’t get a decent picture. Ashlyn is a Candy Corn Witch.
Candy Corn Witch (1)

Candy Corn Witch (2)

She went with a friend to Boo at the Zoo. So we have a Candy Corn Witch, a Monster High character (I don’t know the names, sorry) and Mal from the Descendants movie. 
(The following picture’s were stolen from the Mom who took these 3 to the zoo. She may not know I stole them yet, so if and when she reads this…please can I? and thank you kindly, for letting me steal your pic’s for my blog).
Boo at the Zoo (1)

Boo at the Zoo (2)

Boo at the Zoo (3)

Boo at the Zoo (4)

Boo at the Zoo (5)

Love the holidays. So fun.

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