Fun Weekend

Hey guys ! Where have you been? Ok, it’s me, I’ve been MIA for a bit. That happens.

With all the rain we’ve been having I can’t believe it held off this past weekend. Very glad it did, we were able to enjoy outdoor fun, crafts, games, a parade, fireworks….a lot of fun stuff.

A couple of years ago, it was Ashlyn’s 1st time ever shooting a gun. She came in 2nd place and was the only girl in the competition. The boys were not pleased.

Fun Weekend

This year it was not a competition, you just got to shoot for fun. She hit the target 3 out of 5 times. Not too shabby !

BB Gun Shooting (1)

I don’t have near as many photo’s this year as I usually do. Mainly because Ashlyn is getting older and many of the games were too young for her now. She’s also at the age that running around with your friends is more fun. Also, so many of the photo’s have so many other people in them that I just don’t feel comfortable posting those and it’s a lot of work to fuzz everyone’s face out of every photo.

This K-9 demonstration what very cool to see. The officer gave some facts and info about his dog and how they are trained and such. He said they don’t train with treats. My dog would have dropped dead right then and there if he heard that !! In this photo he was showing us the signs the dog gives him when he detects drugs. And yes, he chose the correct demo bag.
K9 Demo

Every year my friend and I walk this 5k. We don’t care where we place, it’s just some good quality girl time. Something fun to do together and get a good t-shirt !

Her first attempt at that popular nail string art. Turned out pretty darn good.
Star Nail String Art

Yep, this is the same kid that just lost her shit over a Junebug that was not even on her. But a snake that could eat her whole….not a big deal !!!
Snake (1)

Snake (2)
Hope you’ve been enjoying some good fun outdoor activities too !

Tell me what you’ve been up to?

Do you walk 5K’s just for fun? Or do you only do them to compete?

What craft have you tried recently?

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