Fun New Toy (Mini Bike)

When Ashlyn’s brother was younger we lived in the country and we bought him all the fun toys (snowmobiles, dirt bikes, 4-wheelers). We now live in town and are currently keeping our ears open to get back out to the country. In the meantime, Ashlyn brought up a good point that she is missing out on all the fun stuff like that because she can’t have them in town. After checking with our local authorities on rules for one of these, we went with a gas powered mini trail bike. The link is to a very, very similar one. Hers was not that high in price but I can’t find her exact one to link you.

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Mini Bike 1

This is technically aged for 16 and up but eh….close enough. She’s pretty tall these days. It goes up to 25 mph but we don’t encourage that too much at the moment unless she riding in the grass like in the photo.

The good thing about this mini bike is that it’s easy to handle. It’s legal in certain situations in town. We live on a private road, so she can ride it there and in the grass but not on any road that’s owned by the town. Very similar to most things like this. But we also didn’t want something loud to annoy neighbors. We wouldn’t like a loud thing blazing around our house, so we wouldn’t expect anyone else too. So the good thing is this mini bike sounds like a lawn mower. Unless your windows are open and she’s going right by your house, you can’t hear it at all. And when she does go by a house and the windows are open, unless you look out your window, it just sounds like someone is mowing.

Mini Bike 2

You live in the country with fun toys?

You live in town with legal fun toys? What do you have?

How’s your day going, tell me what your up to.


  • Cruella September 18, 2019 at 11:54 am Reply

    SWEET! I had a mini bike when I was younger too and loved it. Alot of good memories on it. “technically aged for 16 and up but eh….close enough” hahaha I agree

    • Everyday Snapshot September 18, 2019 at 12:43 pm Reply

      Did you really !? This thing is great. We even love it!

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