Frankincense Essential Oil (BioFinest) – Review

I never realized how beneficial and useful and versatile Frankincense was until recently. It’s like the King of Oils. I chose BioFinest because it’s pure and organic. No added-anything, and they are a well trusted brand. And I’m finding their oil is of top notch quality. 


I don’t describe scents well but I do like it. I’ve been using it in my Witch Hazel for an astringent, I put a few drops in my Rosehip Oil for a moisturizer on my face. Been using a drop on my toothbrush when brushing my teeth.  I am currently trying it on a few dark spots I have, but will need more time to fully report on that. I’ve been diffusing it and putting it on my feet at night for a more relaxed restful feel. The one I can tell a difference most right now is putting it on my calf’s and feet after a run. And I’m still learning about all the things I can use it for, but I’m believing the saying ‘when in doubt, use Frankincense’. I am literally blown away at how many uses their are for this one.


One thing to mention, I signed up for the BioFinest VIP Club and received an A-Z Essential Oil Guide for Essential Oils. I’m sort of new to oils, been using the very basics for a couple of years. But I’ve got a lot to learn about each one. This e-book is fantastic. It’s amazing for a beginner but I’m sure useful for a novice too. It’s laid out perfectly and each oil has a few sections for uses and how to use them. It’s just easy to read, easy to find what you are looking for, and it’s just awesome and so very helpful. I’m definitely adding BioFinest and their products to my list of favorites

Do you use Frankincense? Any tips you have for me, please comment!


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