Foam Soap Pump

I have tried so hard to make these homemade foam soap pumps work. Mostly because I love mason jars, especially when they have pretty soaps and lotions in them to use as well. I have tried many, many ways to get them not to rust. From cutting the hole differently, to using a paint coatings that is supposed to prevent rusting, to hot glue gunning or caulking around the hole where it meets the pump. None of them worked for me.

soap pump (3)

Until I discovered the plastic lids. These may have been out for awhile, but I’m a little slow. Months ago I bought wide mouth and regular ones, cut that hole, inserted the pump and have been washing our hands with no rust ever since.

soap pump (2)

Hallelujah!  I love these. So easy and they were really cheap. Bonus!

soap pump (1)

Standard Size – Set of 8

Wide Mouth Size – Set of 8

Do you have homemade soap mason jars? What have you done to prevent rusting? 


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