Hi guys. I have flowers this year! Not sure what exactly is going on but all indoor and outdoor plants are not only alive but thriving. Here’s an overload of flower photos to brighten your day.

My favorite of all of them and the least flowering period are Asiatic Lilies. I just love them when in full bloom. Wish they lasted longer though.


Lilies (8)

Lilies (7)

Lilies (6)

I love all the colors and color combinations.

Lilies (1)

Lilies (2)

Lilies (3)

Lilies (4)

I was happy they at least lasted a little longer this year since no storms took them out too early.

Lilies (9)

The petals on this one are a bit smaller. The rabbits kept killing the one I had here. I believe this is an Asiatic Lily Tiny Invader. Or something like that.

Lilies (10)

Lilies (11)

Lilies (12)

I do like that once they are done flowering, the greenery that is left in nice looking at least. Doesn’t just look all dead.

Lilies (13)

I think these are Petunias. We got 4 of them from a spring banquet and 1 from Mothers Day. Didn’t take a picture of all of them for some reason. There are purple and pink ones.

Petunia (1)

Petunia (2)

I commented on how neat an orchid was a neighbor had once. A few months later, they showed up at my door with one. I love it!

Orchid (1)

So pretty and the flowers lasted quite a while. They have since died off and I did what google said for trimming it back. So hopefully more will come.

Orchid (2)

We can’t leave out a Geranium. I really like these because they are hardy and the flowers last for quite a while, as long as you keep dead heading them. Which is the case with most flowers.

Geranium (1)

Geranium (2)

Something about the red I prefer over the other colors of these.

Geranium (3)

This came from the same spring banquet as the petunias. Not really sure what it is. I knocked off the only flower it had when bringing it home.

Flowers (1)

I thought it was a goner, but the green part looked real good. Almost threw it away several times. I’m so glad I didn’t. Next thing I knew, there was a new bud and sure enough, it started flowering again.

Flowers (2)

Flowers (3)

I bought this one at a nursery this spring. It’s called a Cherry Red Halo. I just picked it up, not knowing much about it. I’ve been very pleased. It’s been flowering great and very full of them too.

Cherry Red Halo (1)

Super pretty.

Cherry Red Halo (2)

I wasn’t sure what else to grab from the nursery. I was looking for some color but wasn’t wanting more flowers than I could handle. This is a Blazin Rose Iresine. It’s very easy to care for and is quite pretty for any area. No dead heading. Hardly any maintenance at all.

Blazin Rose Iresine (1)

It’s gotten quite a bit bigger since the picture above.

Blazin Rose Iresine (2)

I’m going to bring it inside this winter and see how it does.

Blazin Rose Iresine (3)

That’s the extent of my flowers this year.  Which is a grand improvement from past years.

Wait until you see my tomato plant in an upcoming post. I think I may need my own Home and Garden channel. I feel like I’m almost at a professional level now.

What flowers do you have?

Do you have a green thumb or just luck like me?

What is your favorite, looks wise and easy maintenance wise?


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