Flowers (Lilies)

Hello Friends. Let’s talk flowers.

We like a few flowers around here. We like easy and not a lot of maintenance. We love our Lilies when they are blooming but it seems like the blooming for them is fairly short. It also seems like the few random ones we’ve chosen for pots the last few years have lasted all summer ! Go figure.

Here are the ones we have.

Flowers (Lilies)

Flowers (2)

Flowers (3)

Flowers (4)

Flowers (5)

Flowers (6)

Flowers (7)

At least the plant part of the Lily still looks nice even when there are no flowers. If we ever replace the Lilies I’ll be looking for easy, full sun, bloom all summer flower suggestions from you all. Since I don’t remember the name of the ones we’ve had in pots the last few years. But we just really like the look of the Lilies. I think it might be Daffodil’s we see frequently that seem to bloom longer. Those are pretty too.

What do you have planted this year?

Do you prefer pots or in ground?

Bloom all season or short flower life?


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