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Have you ever reached for a fitness book, took the time to read it, and although it was filled with decent information…. it was still just ‘eat right and exercise’. We all know that’s what we need to do, we really do. But a ‘do this do that’ style usually isn’t the way to get us revved up and off the couch.

I read a book recently that I fully expected to be yet another one of these fitness books, but this one was different. A different approach than I’ve read before. I was hooked right from the beginning. Such a well written book to truly motivate you. Not to tell you why you should get on the road to a better fit you, but to help you find your true why and reason that will motivate and drive you, so that you truly want to set out on a healthier journey. He’s someone who has been in your shoes already, who had to work hard to get where he is today, went through the up’s and down’s to get there, he shares his own fitness journey through his own personal stories that helped him get there.

His name is James Atkinson, author of Fitness & Exercise Motivation, his 6th book. This book is mostly for a beginner but I think it’s also a good read for even people just past that beginner stage. It’s a great boost of encouragement to stay on the right path if you’re starting to lose your mojo.To help you get in the right mind-set right from the get-go.

Jim's Health & Muscle

This is not a diet book or any quick fix to lose 10 pounds for next month’s wedding. It’s more so about reaching your fitness goals, or getting in the right mind-set and what it takes to get there. Making constant small changes, investing in yourself, starting with small baby steps and going for the long haul. Not taking the easy route or the shortcut. By making small changes at a time for your own good, it will make this healthy new lifestyle of yours so much easier to maintain. Which in turn, will eventually become so routine, it’s second nature. 

I really did like the whole book but Chapter 10 sticks out to me as maybe my favorite. It’s about the negative people around you. Such a great analogy with his personal life to bring this point across. He also used 2 or 3 stories to drive the point home. About how badly other people’s negative comments can effect us. It’s amazing how many negative-Nancy’s there are out there waiting to point the finger at someone else, and how much it holds someone back. If someone else makes you ‘think’ you can’t achieve your goals, you probably won’t. Negative talk has such a strong quick way of bringing us down. Chapter 10 is a powerful chapter, and so well written. 

reading book
Ashlyn snuck a blurry picture of me reading the book on my Kindle. 

He talks in here about “reading too much and training too little”. This is SO ME. I have read and read for years, but nothing happened or changed for the better until I got my butt out there and just started. I swear I was a permanent beginner during those years. It’s not so much that reading too much is bad, it’s just that you have to give each routine a chance before jumping to the next fad or theory. 

Towards the end of the book, he helps you create a chart to help you get started and implement a mix of cardio and resistance program that suits you best. There is a lot of information and great tips offered. 

A co-worker once told me something, and it holds true for so many aspects of one’s life. “If you keep doing what your doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting”. I still refer to this 20 years later.

I really encourage you to pick up this book if you need that push or encouragement to get started. Even if you’ve already started or are on a good healthy road, it’s still a great book for anyone losing their groove and gaining a successful mind-set.

More information about Mr. Atkinson’s and his additional books at his website, Jim’s Health and Muscle.

This link goes directly to the paper book & Kindle version, which was $ .99 as of this post.

Amazon Page to James Atkinson’s additional books. I for one am looking forward to reading his other books very soon.

I don’t have any great big fitness story. Just that it’s not easy. So many people “assume” fitness is easy for “thin people” but it isn’t. Years ago had you told me I’d cross any finish line, I’d have laughed and said you were crazy! We can all do hard things. If you quit or give up, start again. And again. (I have). Keep going. Take baby steps, but keep going. YOU are worth it.


It’s never too early, or too late to work towards being the healthiest you. You have to get to the point where you love your body and yourself enough to take care of it. 

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