Fishing Last Summer

Ran across some photos from fishing last summer while cleaning up the desktop on my computer. Sure makes me miss this season. Not looking forward to winter even more now. So I thought I would share them so you can miss summertime too. You’re welcome.

One of our local spots is not real big but it’s real pretty and nice and quiet and not a lot of other people out there at once.

Fishing Last Summer

Been loving our new boat we got earlier this summer. Much more room and more efficient for what we use it for. And a flat floor, the aluminum v-bottom was a little hard to maneuver through with wet shoes. This Bass Tracker Classic is really suiting us nicely.

Fishing July 2023 (3)

It was not a great fishing day; I remember them not biting very much at all. We each managed to catch at least one. Here was Jamie’s whopper.

Fishing July 2023 (2)

Here was my first whopper.

Fishing July 2023 (4)

Here was Dad’s whopper.

Fishing July 2023 (6)

And for my second whopper, we had to catch this one twice. The first time he broke the line. I was using a bobber that day and we could see him swimming away. He went to the side in the brush area, we managed to get close to the bobber and found the line and pulled him in again to get the hook out and set him free.

Fishing July 2023 (5)

Until next year. I sure do miss the summertime, fishing, boating, swimming, porch sitting, bike riding, gardening my one plant…all the things outdoors.

Fishing July 2023 (7)

I hope you all have a quick and light winter. Unless you love winter, then enjoy all your winter activities.

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