Fishing Finally

We finally went fishing for the first time this year. Well several months ago, takes me awhile to post these things. Might be the first and last time fishing at this rate. Just hasn’t happened much.

Fishing 003 (2)

We just go out where we camp at. It’s nice and peaceful, not usually very many people around.

Fishing 002

They weren’t biting very good this day. Normally Ashlyn catches at least 85 in the first five minutes !!  No exaggeration, really ! Ok maybe a little.

Fishing 003

We keep saying it would be nice to have kayak’s. But it’s just a pain to load them up and go, and also finding a place to store them. Kayak’s aren’t really small. I guess we’ll just wait until we have a lake of our own in our back yard and we can just pull them up in the yard.

Fishing 001

Mostly we catch bluegills/sunfish. I did end up with this little catfish.

Fishing 004

And although Ashlyn caught the most fish, I caught the biggest this day. Which is unusual so I was pretty excited about this decent bass ! Made sure to rub that in pretty good !

Fishing 005


Do you like to go fishing?

Do you and your family get a little competitive like we do?


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