First Tooth Lost

About 2 weeks ago, A- lost her first tooth. I’m not real prompt on posts lately. She’s been checking her teeth every single night for loose teeth for the past 6 months. She had one and was over the moon excited !!

tooth (1)

Tucked it in to her tooth pillow and placed it under her pillow. This tooth sort of snuck up on us. I saw the tooth pillow on Pinterest but didn’t have a few of the right colored materials. We now have a better made one with a white tooth and just her name at the top.
tooth (2)

tooth (4)

Shortly thereafter, tooth number 2 came out. Which wasn’t even technically very loose. She messed with it so much that it was bleeding like crazy and she pulled it out about an hour after messing with it. Which surprised me, she’s typically pretty whimpy since she said it hurt. She must have needed the cash.
tooth (5)

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