First Snow Came Too Soon

Our first snow came much too early in my opinion. We made it halfway through November. Although our first heavy snow was on Halloween several years ago, I still prefer the years when we don’t have it until the end of December.
First Snow Came Too Soon

Is it pretty? Yes. Is it cold and sucky? Yes. Will I live and suffer through it? Maybe.
First Snow This Year (2)

The ground wasn’t frozen, so this didn’t stick around long. We’ve had flurries that didn’t accumulate since.
First Snow This Year (3)

I get it when people say having snow seems more Christmassy and tis the season. It does. But just one time I want to experience hanging Christmas lights in palm trees in shorts and flip flops. Haha, maybe one day!
First Snow This Year (4)

Do you enjoy your first snow?

Or are you lucky enough not to have first snows?

Maybe you have first heat waves instead?


  • Cruella November 19, 2022 at 7:42 pm Reply

    Pretty sure I don’t have to tell you but NO I did NOT enjoy the snow lol. Boo snow – double boo it’s really cold – I’m with you on hanging light in palm trees but not just once but always. I would be just fine never seeing snow ever again.

    • Everyday Snapshot November 20, 2022 at 7:14 am Reply

      Haha, I knew you would NOT be enjoying it with me. Me too on never seeing snow again. Be just fine by me. My countdown is getting there for either no snow again, or very little at least.

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