Fireworks Photo Practice

Hi friends. Looking back at firework photos I indented to post. Not this years, but last years. Sometimes I like to attempt to take pictures of something that I know is really hard. Such as fireworks. Just to play around with doing it. Here are a few not so great from a town near us. Need to fine tune the settings.

Fireworks Photo Practice

Fireworks 2021 02

That year we also stopped in MO on the way home from vacation and got Ashlyn a lot of fireworks for her to let off.

Fireworks 2021 05

Fireworks 2021 03

Bugs were not a problem!

Fireworks 2021 04

She did really good giving us a little show. It’s really hard to pick things out in them stores when you aren’t familiar with them.

Fireworks 2021 06

Fireworks 2021 07

Fireworks 2021 08

They look way better than the photos are giving them credit for.

Fireworks 2021 09

Fireworks 2021 10

I’m not sure what you call this, but we finally got it !!!!!  Where you wave sparklers around, write in the air or make shapes and take a photo with specific settings. Finally got it !!

Fireworks 2021 11

Fireworks 2021 12

Hope you all had a great 4th of July. This year and last year.

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