Fin Fun Monofin (Mermaid Tail)

A couple summers ago Ashlyn had a mermaid tail, which she loved, but it wasn’t the best. It was more of a plastic fin and the rubber part that strapped to the back of your heel would constantly slide off. So this year she found this mermaid tail. It was more expensive so she decided to use this for her reading incentive for the summer. We weren’t going to buy it just to buy it and she didn’t want to ‘earn’ it which she usually has to do because we are mean parents like that.

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Fin Fun Monofin (Mermaid Tail)

You slide your feet in this one like socks. It stays on much much better. She loves it. It’s also not as plasticy. Has more flexibility to it. She can swim really fast with it on too. We race in the pool and she can beat me now with this on.

Mermaid Tail 2

It is actually the fin your put in one of those mermaid skins, that goes all the way up your legs to your hips. But we didn’t need that much expense to it since she’s happy with just the tail.

Link to Fin Fun Mermaid Monofin.

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