Essential Oils Natural Remedies: A-Z Reference – Review

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For many years I’ve been dappling in the essential oil world. I’m not partial to a particular brand, I’ve used many. I don’t really have any website or book to learn about them or when to know which oil to use on what and how. It’s all been Google and trial and error. I stick to 10 oils or less to keep things simple. And from using the basic’s, you really can achieve what you want out of them. 

I don’t always have access to internet though when I want to use them. After sifting through many book options, I found they are not cheap. So I came across this one and decided to give it a shot. 

essential oil book (1)

The healing properties of essential oils are virtually limitless. I have been using them at every opportunity. Whether diffusing or using topically, we’ve seen benefits and improvements. Between Shaklee and essential oils, we’ve eliminated chemical based products almost completely.

essential oil book (2)

I don’t even think it’s possible to list everything I use them for or what you can use them for. There are truly a lifetime of health related needs and uses. Just be careful on the young kiddos, there are certain ones you shouldn’t use. Do your research on that. But for everything you may need to know, this book is very useful.

  • It’s a guide to remedies that heal or mitigate symptoms for a range of ailments. 
  • Over 170 ailments covered and over 300 homemade remedies included. 
  • Profiles of 75 essential oils to know and use, including info on medicinal uses, application methods, blending and precautions. 
  • Reviews the most popular essential oil brands and their products. 
  • Covers your everyday health needs.

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This book is easy to navigate. Sections are nicely laid out. There is a section on the general background of oils, getting started with them, application methods, list of common ailments, list of all oils and also a quick reference guide. 

The only one thing I wish were different is if it were spiral bound. I really like to lay books like this out flat and not have to use things to prop the pages open. But not a huge deal, I still love it. I have been known to carefully take the book apart and punch holes and put in my own binder. 

essential oil book (4)

Overall this book has been great and very useful. I’m starting to make my own notations in it. Pretty soon it will look well loved like my old Betty Crocker cookbook.

Update 04.02.18 – I have discovered a new essential oil that I like better than the one in this post. Although I still like that book very much, this also is a great one, very well laid out and easy to look up by ailment or oil.

Do you use essential oils?

If you have an E.O. Book, which one do you have?

Anyone else get your workout in for today yet?


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