End of Pool Season

Sadly, the day has come. The last pool day. (This was last month). I soaked it up for all it was worth. Made the day last as long as I could. The cold winter months seem to last forever until I see my sanctuary again.

End of Pool Season

I enjoyed every single second. Getting out is kind of like making a kid leave Disney World. I cried and fell to the ground and threw a fit kicking and screaming. Not really. Well kind of. I didn’t. But I wanted too.

Pool Season End, Take Down (2)

This year though we tore her down. Only reason was that the metal frame is the kind that rusts when the water sits on it. (It is a saltwater pool). The dryer spots where not alot of water sat were just fine. So all 4 corners and a few of the legs were badly rusted. You may be wondering ‘why’ do they give you material that will rust when selling you a saltwater system and pool together? I assume so that we have to buy another one before too long. We were able to find the exact same one but with an upgraded frame that they claim don’t rust. Whatever! Just gimme another pool!

As you can also see, the liner is solid white instead of some sort of blue pattern that comes on them all. It did have a nice blue pattern. Then covid hit! Yes I blame the bleach job on covid. For other pool owners, you remember the year when you could not get your hands on ANY pool chemicals. And IF you could, they cost 5 times as much or more. That was also the year that our salt chlorinator went out. It was under warranty but because of covid it was backordered for 6 months, so basically the entire summer. So, I bought and used whatever I could possibly get my hands on for chemicals. Even jugs of bleach. Everything and anything to keep it clean and sanitized so I could use it. Anyway, all the stuff I used ultimately bleached the whole darn thing.

Pool Season End, Take Down (3)

We gave the metal to a scrapper we know, and the liner got folded up for the garbage.

Pool Season End, Take Down (4)

We’ll pressure wash this spot and it will be ready for a nice new one next spring !!!! A lot of extra work this fall and next spring, but so worth it. We use the heck out of our pool.

Pool Season End, Take Down (5)

I guess this would be a good time for me to paint the backside of that deck that we couldn’t get to before. We built it in place, then painted it.

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