Emoji Cookies

Well hello !!!  It’s been awhile.

We’ve been eyeballing oreo-pop cookies for awhile now. Just looking for the right thing to do with them. We found an occasion to use them for, but should have done a trial run. There’s a few things I’d do differently next time.

For the first time, not bad though.

Emoji Cookies (5)

The first thing we would do different is get the double stuffed and not the regular ones. When you put the stick in, either the cookie would break or pop the top part of the cookie off, or both. So I had to melt some of the white chocolate, dab some on the stick, then place it in the cookie and put the top cookie on. This just added time from extra steps. Not a huge deal, but double stuffed would probably be perfect.  We are trying them again soon, so I’ll know for sure.

Emoji Cookies (1)

Then we melted the Candy Melt. Not sure what it is about Candy Melt, but it’s kind of like saran wrap in that it can really irritate me in a very short amount of time. Getting it perfectly smooth was difficult. I fully admit, I probably don’t have the proper patience level for it. The only change we would make to this step is getting the white oreo’s next time. The chocolate seemed to show through, and the white would make a more vibrant yellow.  As soon as you dipped it, you had to get the eyeballs on right away so they would dry in there. That part went great. But look at the cookie on the bottom right, one eyeball points up and one points down….whoops. He’s the special one.

Emoji Cookies (2)

Once they dry, it’s time for the face. I bought those edible markers since that would be easiest. NOT. They have them for frosting and for candy. I bought the candy one of course. Between the waxy coating in the candy melt and sucky edible marker not wanting to work, you can add this to my saran wrap/candy melt group of limited patience. So I wiped off the waxy part, and that still did not make the markers work well.

I went to Plan B. Which is to whip out my frosting paint brush, make a quick powdered sugar based frosting, color it and paint the face on. Only to get to the last step to find my child has used all of the dark food coloring for SLIME. After a few deep breath’s, I ask Google what colors to mix to get brown, black or whatever color I can get. This worked, I got a dark brown-black color. Perfect. It did not paint on well either. What in mother lovin heck do people do to get faces on these things  !!!

So I ended up painting it on, and it faded and sort of shrunk because of the waxy coating. So I let it dry, and repainted it and it was good. Stayed on better. Just had to do them all twice is all. Therefore, for this reason, I did not get creative with the facial expression. At all.

Ashlyn see’s the majority of them laid out like this and asks “Why do they all look like the angry faces?”   Hahaha  !!!!!!  Oh not sure.

Emoji Cookies (3)

In the end, they turned out fine. But I once again learned my lesson and should do a trial run for every new treat.  Work out your problems and the second time around almost always goes better. I’m going to try piping on the faces next time. Wish me luck.

Emoji Cookies (4)


Ever made Emoji Cookies or any oreo-pop based cookies before ?

Got any tips for me?

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