Easter Window Decorations

We always make our holiday decorations for our window just because it’s fun. Sometimes we get fancy and use the Cricut. Sometimes we keep it very simple with just a little construction paper and glue sticks. For the big one in the center, I was thinking just a big egg. Nice and easy. She found this picture and asked if she could do that instead. Of course I thought it looked hard but told her to knock herself out. Go for it.

She whips out the marker and gets to drawing. Turned out great as if she traced it. Except she didn’t.
Easter Window Decorations

Covering it with construction paper was a bit tricky. And she got quite frustrated several times. Would have been easier to color it in with markers, but she decided you’d see it through the window better if it were construction paper too. So it was basically like drawing the whole thing again, but in sections for each color. BUT…when it was done, it turned out fantastic. Little photo bomber in this pic.
Easter Deco (2)

The other one photo bombed this picture. She did the main bunny. I did the chick in the egg and the other eggs.
Easter Deco (3)

Tomorrow we might get the real decorations out. We don’t have many for Easter. It’s a fun holiday even if we all have to skip the family get together’s and Easter egg hunts this year.

Do you make your window deco?

Do you even decorate, or just skip it?

What did you do for fun today?

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